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Reservoir Geomechanics ebook

Reservoir Geomechanics. Mark D. Zoback

Reservoir Geomechanics

ISBN: 0521146194,9780521146197 | 464 pages | 12 Mb

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Reservoir Geomechanics Mark D. Zoback

In certain cases — depending on the reservoir's geomechanics — reservoir engineers may determine that ultimate recoverable oil may be increased by applying a waterflooding strategy early in the field's development rather than later. GO Reservoir Geomechanics Author: Mark D. Mechanics and oil production methods. The amount of solids can be less .. Reservoir Geomechanics: Earth Stress and Rock Mechanics Applied to Exploration, Production, and Wellbore Stability. Language: English Released: 2007. We reacted end member components of a heterolithic sandstone and shale unit that forms the upper section of the In Salah Gas Project carbon storage reservoir in Krechba, Algeria with supercritical CO2, brine, and with/without cement at simple geochemical models is needed to assess long-term CO2 trapping mechanisms, cap rock and wellbore integrity in more computationally intensive reactive-transport simulations that couple chemistry, flow, and possibly geomechanics. Sand production in oil and gas wells can occur if fluid flow exceeds a certain threshold governed by factors such as consistency of the reservoir rock, stress state and the type of completion used around the well. His lab pursues a number of research projects in reservoir geomechanics, especially in regard to production from shale and tight gas reservoirs. While the need for customary applications of structural geology in the petroleum industry has not waned, in the last few years the importance of reservoir geomechanics has increased many-fold. The model is based on nonlinear elastoplasticity, nonlinear stress dependent elasticity, friction hardening and cohesion softening, and single-phase flow fully coupled with geomechanics. He also works on regional tectonic problems in various parts of the world. He carries out research in geomechanics in mining and oil and gas development, oil production technologies, and deep waste disposal technologies using hydrofracturing. Shahri is currently conducting research on the coupled fluid flow-geomechanical modeling of reservoirs for predicting reservoir stress path under supervision of Dr. And slurried solids disposal at depth. For example, the City of Los Angeles is injecting biosolids sludge on a trial basis into a depleted reservoir 1350 m deep under HF conditions as a means of treatment, with potential for harvesting generated methane.

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